Locations: Moscow, Tomsk, Berlin, Tbilisi
Directed by Nik Khavronenko
DoP: Nurlan Tortbayev, Vitaly Zaytsev
Executive Producer: Daniel Lazarev
Management: Maxim Shreder
2Unit: Elena Bolgova, Maxim Khusainov
1AC: Preobrazhensky Daniil, Gavrilov Nikita
Color: Nurlan Tortbayev
Edit: Nik Khavronenko
Photographer: Belousova Anastasia, Saveliy Petrushev
VFX: Konstantin Evtukhov, Alisher Altynbekov
Analog VFX: Evgenii Shelkovoi
Staring: Loqiband
Designer: Elena Kozlova
Violentovo - In December 2022 I shot a music video for the Russian artist Loqiemean. This Project was interesting because we filmed it in three countries - Germany, Russia and Georgia. When I choose a project it is always important to me what the performer wants to say to his audience and what idea his music conveys.
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